Deforrestation of Animal Crossing

It is time to give up one of the first games that I overplayed on my Nintendo DS, and of course it is another game a grown gaming man should not be playing…Animal Crossing Wild World. One of those damn addicting games that we played at work. A stupid time wasting, item collecting, fishing, bug catching game. I traded this game away on Trade Games Now for Zelda Minish Cap. Good score for both parties.

If you know me, as the guys at work do. You do not want me visiting your ACWW town. I leave trash hidden behind houses so you never find it. I teach my residents curse words and sexual and racial innuendos in hopes that they spread their vulgar hate to younger children. So, to seal this deal I decided to go all out and leave my town in shambles for the next gamer. Jump to after the break for the ghetto of K-TEL.

Well its been two weeks since I logged into my town so already the weeds are running wild. Flowers are dead. Residents all want to leave except one. Good old Kabuki. My original resident. We roll deep. Ok back to the mess. Cockroaches all over my house. Whats next? Cut down the entire fruit orchard I had. Take that tree hugging hippies.

Ok, so the new owner of ACWW is just going to start a new game like they should, but hey it was fine wiping out a town’s food supply. Here are some pics.

ACWW Deforrestation 1ACWW Deforrestation 2ACWW RoachesACWW GryoidsACWW KabukiMy boy Kabuki

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