Colonoscopy Ends In Failure

However, thank god the failure was not the big “C” word….CANCER! It ended with me going to the doctor’s office and finding out his flight was delayed and was not there. What the fuck! Do you know what I had to do yesterday to prep for this fucking thing. My ass exploded. 64 ozs of Gatorade eith 293g of ass explode powder. That powder is supposed to be 14 days worth. Not to mention the 4 stool softner tablets I had to take when you are only supposed to take 2.

I’ll tell you what though, my colon is spotless. If you ever want to cleanse yourself, thats the way to do it. Now I get to do this all over again in the near future. This doctor better be buying me all this crap to prep for my next crapfest.

God damn doctors!

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