My VW Jetta Finally Hit 80k

VW LOGOMy favorite car I’ve ever own has finally hit 80,000 miles. This car is a 1998 Tornado Red Jetta Wolfsburg. The car should be well over 100k but it is not…obviously. The 5 mile commute to work really helped out on that. I’m hoping this ride lasts me a few more years before I can afford a diesel VW.

The car is in good shape except for the whole exhaust system I’ve been meaning to replace for the last 8 months. I’m sure the next thing to go will be my clutch. I will deal with that when I get to hit.

In honor of my Jetta hitting a minor milestone, I went to and built a new Jetta. They have the best build a car website, and at the end of the ordeal you can crash the car. You can crash it into a tree, a big ball of twine, or something else. Very fuckin’ cool.

Click more to see pics of my 2.o (aka 2.slow)

Car in snow VW Jetta

I have a lot more pics but its just a normal Jetta. It’s no souped up “fast 2 furious” mock up that I see the posers cruising around in these days. I mean how can I be fast and furious with 14 inch wheels?

My other favorite cars I’ve owned:

1982 Toyota Celica GT – my first car and probably the fastest. Seven months after buying it some drunk teenager t-boned me demolishing my car. I still drove it for a month until I got my insurance check. Everytime I hit a bump (which there are a lot on Pennsylvania roads), my quater panel took a chunk of my tire out.

1986 Oldsmobile Calais – the pimp mobile. Black ride with red interior and dark tinted windows. My friends and I smoked that thing out so many times.

1988 Toyota Corolla FX – Probably my lowest riding car.

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