Save Paris Hilton

Can you believe this shit?

I applaud the judge for standing up and not taking any celebrity’s bullshit status and threw the book at Paris Hilton. Its off to the butch slammer for you. Could you imagine her in general pop? Its a whole new home made sex tape for Paris Hilton. All for driving on a suspended license from a Starting on June 5th, she will serve a full 45 days. The same judge also said that Paris. The judge said she can not do community service instead, pay for the jail of her own choice, or be under house arrest. Damn right.

A few more days of freedom for her. However, friends of Paris and an online petition are begging to the Honorable Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. Sure sounds like a good idea. Let’s free this attention whore and allow her back on the streets. Lets let her go so can mow down innocent people outside a club or a group of children. Lets let her get behind the wheel.

We need to make a precedent to celebrities. You are people just like us. Isn’t that how you want to be treated when in public? Well, do some wrong in public and pay the price as every other normal joe would have to do. Plus hopefully we get a mug shot of her on Smoking Gun.

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