Failed List of 2013 Goals and I guess ones I completed…

Wow did I suck it up last year. First all my goals that I failed at.

-Stay under 190lbs. [Optional goal is 175lbs.] (The dangers of stopping playing soccer and stress eating.)
-Get a newer car. (Whatever.)
-Take the kids camping and fishing. (Just plain terrible.)
-Continue to stay physically active or workout more.  (I was doing good until the end of fall.)
-Go fishing more. (Just plain terrible.)
-Finish fixing Eddie’s bedroom ceiling. (Good news is it is almost done.)
-Play in 2 disc golf tournaments. (Only 1.5 events; I was ill during the first event and pulled out.)
-Take a few yoga classes, continue studying Tao, meditation, etc. (Failed to do yoga but everything else is good to go.)
-Run/walk in a 5k race. (Nope.)
-Play in 2 Magic the Gathering events. (Only did 1 event.)
-Somehow organize my MTG cards, redo main decks, trade in around 20% of collection for store credit towards useful cards. (Nope. I am not looking forward to this project.)
-Expand the garden and hook up a rain barrel system and build a compost pile. (I did expand the garden.)
-Replace basement windows. (Nope.)
-Write 12 blog posts to this blog or any reincarnated form. (Maybe did 10…)
-Hook up a surround sound system in family room. (Nope)
-Earn Xbox Gamerscore of 14000, beat the main story line in Borderlands, Skyrim, and finish second prestige in Black Ops I. (I did reach a Gamerscore of 14k but the other stuff failed.)
-Help the boys put together and create their web comic ideas. (Terrible.)
-Organize and title all photos in iPhoto. (Haha…)
-Replace all electrical outlets and light switches. (Nope.)

Items I was successful with:

-Disc golf in a new state. (North Carolina and took 2nd in a doubles event there.)
-Add to the family tabletop gaming library by picking up one of the “essential” geek games. (Qwirkle and D&D)
-Sponsor a project on Kickstarter.
-Read 10 books.
-Organize the garage and build a work bench.
-Cut open locked file cabinet and scan all needed documents.
-Volunteer for some sort of community/charity program. (CYSA Soccer)
-Write something. (I never specified what to write so emails and shopping lists count.)
-Stay healthy and fit to play in soccer pick up games and play in Sarah Parvin tournament. (Bring it Miller Time!)

A different elf puts something on our shelf on NYE

A different elf puts something on our shelf on NYE.

A different elf puts something on our shelf on NYE

We never had an elf on the shelf. Never had to hunt for elves a month prior to Christmas. Snooping around our house. However an elf does break into our house on New Year’s Eve. It all started last year when a strange letter was left on our coffee table.  It was a letter from Nerd Y. the Elf who is Santa’s head elf in charge of “nerdy” subjects like comic books and games. Nerd Y. also shares the same initials as New Year’s Eve. So, this is one of his favorite holidays.

The elf took notice to our family’s NYE tradition of playing games all day long with each other. We break out the cards, dice, the classics, and any new editions we got for Christmas. Video games are also played but we try to downplay them and go with a different type of interactive game. Nerdy loved the tradition and his buddies get together and roll a d20 by the fireplace up north. He wanted to add to our excitement so he hid a game somewhere in our house on the morning of New Year’s Eve. The game was Munchkin by Steven Jackson and is one of our favorite card games of dungeon crawling and back stabbing.

This New Year’s Eve I know the elf will be back but what will he bring? I hear its a game with a fun word to say like Qwirkle or Babaganush. We already got 2 games for Christmas and one of them is becoming a top favorite,  Apples to Apples.  The other game is the starter set for Dungeons and Dragons (red box). I never played so I guess I should read the rules so lil Eddie knows what he is doing. Some of the other games we will likely play on NYE is Munchkin, Clue, Magic the Gathering, 3 man chess/checkers, Scrabble, cards, Dungeon Run, and more.

I hope a lot of other families could be visited by Nerdy. Gather around a table with family and friends too. Put Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve on in the background. Order a pizza. Make a drink. Roll some dice, flip a card, kill a meeple this New Year’s Eve. Stay in and don’t battle the roads with drunken revelers.

This has become a great family tradition. I know my kids love it. I hope this carries over to their families when the time comes.


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